Eden Volunteer Fire Department urges caution when using space heaters this winter


EDEN N.Y. (WIVB) – As it gets colder outside, local firefighters are urging people to warm up safely, especially when using space heaters.

“It doesn’t take long, a few minutes left unoccupied and it could turn into a house fire or bedroom fire or heaven forbid loose the whole house or something even worse could happen,” Second assistant chief at the Eden Volunteer Fire Department Joseph Hart said.

If you do use a space heater Hart says make sure you use it properly.

“You always want to plug in directly into the outlet because that extension cord could overheat as well,” Hart said.

He said never leave the space heater unattended and make sure it has safety features, including a thermometer and automatic stopper.

“Make sure you never leave the room when that’s running so if you step out of the room, if you go and take a nap, go to bed you want to make sure you shut that off so again it’s not running constantly,” Hart said.

He says space heater can be dangerous if you don’t follow these steps.

“We’ve actually seen a couple fires here recently, in our district and in surrounding districts that involve space heaters,” Hart said.

Including a fire, last month in the Town of Eden. 80 year-old Ronald Jagow died in the fire, that investigators say was caused from a space heater that was on his bed.

Hart says if you’re going to use a space heater, make sure it’s always placed on a solid surface.

“You don’t want to put it anywhere where it could be knocked over,” Hart said. “If it does happen to catch on fire or something bad happens make sure you call 911 right away it’s very important that the fire department gets notified so that way we can respond quickly, because the longer it takes to be notified it becomes that make harder for us to put out.”

The Eden Volunteer Fire Department along with the North Boston Volunteer Fire Department will be hosting a public safety presentation to go over all these tips and more on January 18th from 11 to 2 p.m. at the Boston Fire Hall, located at 6746 Mill street, Boston N.Y.

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