BUFFALO N.Y. (WIVB) — After the Texas school shooting last week, Buffalo School officials announced the district would step up security in the schools. Despite that, a BB gun was still brought into the Frederick Law Olmsted School at Kensington this week.

After Tuesday’s incident, the school is now wanding all students as they enter the building, and checking their bags, which must be then left in their locker.

“We are implementing different policies and different procedures going forward. In the hopes and the aim that this will not happen again, unfortunately, it did but hopefully, it will not happen in the future,” said Lou Petrucci, who’s the Buffalo School Board President.

On Tuesday, a student reported seeing another student in possession of what appeared to be a gun at the Frederick Law Olmsted School at Kensington. The school was then placed on a 20-minute lockdown, police responded and found a BB gun in a bathroom.

“It was handled very quickly the student was identified and removed but still, the impact, the fact that a gun was able to be brought, even though it was only a BB gun, was able to be brought into the school does raise concerns,” Petrucci said.

This District Tuesday released a statement, “The district is extremely grateful to students who spoke up, all BPS staff who followed safety and security protocols, and to the swift and prompt response from the Buffalo Police Department to ensure safety for all in this learning community,” Buffalo Public Schools said in a statement.”

Edward Speidel’s son attends 5th grade at Olmsted. He credits the district for acting quickly but says communication could have been better,

“The only issue I would say is that it did take a little while to notify us. A lot of us found out through Facebook that something’s going on,” Speidel said. “Initially when we heard that there was a gun, BB gun, we were a little worried but the staff, the assistant principals, we don’t worry, our kids are safe there.”

Interim School Superintendent Dr. Tonja Williams declined an interview today, but I am told she visited the school this week and has been in regular contact with various parent groups on their concerns.

Sarah Minkewicz is a reporter who has been part of the News 4 team since 2019. See more of her work here.