BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Some faculty members at D’Youville University are calling for more action as they fight for a new contract.

The D’Youville chapter of the American Association of University Professors said it has been working without a contract since September of last year. One professor says there has not been much progress in reaching a new deal.

“We feel that the university is in good financial shape. We think it would make sense that we would be fairly compensated. But instead, they have proposed what is essentially pay cuts. Along with cuts to health care,” said Dr. Brandon Absher, assistant professor of philosophy, D’Youville University.

D’Youville has released the following statement:

“D’Youville is grateful for the faculty’s commitment to furthering the University’s mission. We are fortunate to have a dedicated faculty which plays a critical role in D’Youville’s success. The reality is that the union has not been without a contract. The parties have continued to negotiate even though the contract expired at the end of August 2021. During that time, both as a matter of law and on account of the University’s commitment to its faculty and the entire University community, the administration has continued to fully abide by the contract. It will continue to do so until the parties reach an agreement, which we hope will happen soon.”

D’Youville University

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