BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Trocaire College intends to acquire Medaille University, with July 31 as the desired closing date. The schools had announced last year that they would enter a cooperative agreement to benefit the schools. In her State of the University address on Tuesday, Medaille Interim President Dr. Lori Quigley officially announced the integration.

Dr. Quigley said that starting in the fall 2023 semester, the schools intend to operate as one institution, as Trocaire would acquire Medaille’s academic and athletic programs.

The institution would operate under the name “Trocaire College,” however the integration would not result in any credit loss for current Medaille students, nor would any Medaille students incur any additional fees or tuition changes, per Dr. Quigley.

Degrees for those graduating as “Medaille Legacy” students — students enrolled at Medaille prior to the closing date — would read “Trocaire College” starting with those graduating in August 2023. All students, both Trocaire and Medaille Legacy, would have the option to reside on Medaille’s campus.

There are currently no plans to change the identity of Mavericks athletics, and Dr. Quigley said no changes are anticipated to any athletic programs for the 2023-24 academic year — that all current fall, winter, and spring sports would continue as usual.

In addition to academics and athletics, Trocaire would receive Medaille’s restricted funds, such as the endowed scholarship fund, and would be required to use the funds for the purpose previously designated by the donors.

Trocaire President Dr. Bassam Deeb is scheduled to meet with the Medaille Alumni Association Board on April 19, according to Dr. Quigley.

Dr. Quigley said regardless of the name of the school moving forward, it will still be the same education and experience students are currently receiving.

In the State of the University, Dr. Quigley reiterated how the COVID-19 pandemic and low birth rates and enrollment at private institutions in the area led to the agreement’s signing. She also presented the timeline of events regarding the integration.

In August, Medaille signed a Memorandum of Understanding after discussions began in October 2021. Medaille said in the announcement that the transition process would take 12-18 months.

Dr. Quigley said an email was sent to alumni, donors, trustees, and parents regarding the MOU on Sept. 16, with a progress update on the Middle States Commission submission and work with legislators on Nov. 15 sent to students, faculty, and staff.

She said between March 1 and 10, progress updates were sent regarding the asset purchase agreement and integration to students, faculty, staff, alumni, undergrad parents, and donors from the past five years, followed by an update and request to submit a FERPA release form to all students on March 21.

Not included in the timeline was Medaille’s sale of six Humboldt Parkway properties adjacent to the University’s campus, sold to Trocaire for a total of $1,960,256 between Sept. 9 and Dec. 29, 2022.

Dr. Quigley said as the integration continues, several boards representing Medaille’s students, alumni, and faculty and staff will have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Deeb with regard to the integration.

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