New York State Senator Sean Ryan and New York State Assemblymember Kimberly Jean-Pierre sent a letter today that calls on the New York State Education Department (NYSED) to extend it’s Emergency COVID-19 Certificate program beyond the current September 1 application deadline.

Currently, the Emergency COVID-19 Certificate is available to classroom teachers, librarians, school administrators, teaching assistants, school athletics coaches, GED instructors, and jobs skills training instructors.

Due to lingering COVID-related impediments, it continues to be difficult for educators to complete the certification process, and with the current application deadline looming, Senator Ryan and Assemblymember Jean-Pierre have now called on NYSED to extend the application deadline from September 1, 2021, to September 1, 2024.

The letter states that extending the application period until September 1, 2024 will provide the necessary time for educators to get back on track.

“With current staffing shortages in our schools, it’s important that we remove any unnecessary impediments to hiring qualified candidates. NYSED has already taken important measures to account for the impact of the pandemic on the certification process, but extending the application deadline for the Emergency COVID-19 Certificate would help ensure that all educators struggling to get recertified because of the pandemic have a fair chance to meet the state requirements.” Senator Sean Ryan said.

“Given the continued time constraints and backlogs associated with this process, extending this application deadline to 2024 will allow these individuals to properly re-certify while also meeting the necessary state requirements that are essential for the successful education of our children.” Assemblymember Kimberly Jean-Pierre said.