BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Eighty Elmwood Franklin School students and parents spent the holiday giving back. They filed onto buses, then picked up meals to deliver to home bound seniors and people with disabilities.

“We take for granted that we have a meal everyday, some people are unfortunately not that lucky so we’ll get to bring joy to them today,” said Michael Peters, parent of Elmwood Franklin School student.

“Dr. Martin Luther King helped a lot of people so I think to celebrate him we should do the same thing,” said Jonah Chick, Elmwood Franklin School student.

Students from preschool age to 8th grade are helping to fill a big need in the Queen city.

“With the population aging there is a need for meals to go out to people who are disabled, who are home bound, who can’t get out and go shopping on their own,” said Justin Baumgardner, Meals on Wheels Foundation Coordinator.

“People can’t drive and get their own food and someone’s got to help them,” said Dylan Chiantella, Elmwood Franklin School student.

“If you can’t get food you don’t survive you need food so that’s why I’m here,” said Morgan Chiantella, Elmwood Franklin School student.

Students and parents are delivering meals to the Black Rock site.

“Learning to volunteer at a young age kind of sets the stage for a future of volunteering as well,” said Baumgardner.

“My daughter can appreciate not everybody has everything so it’s a good experience for both of us,” said Peters.

First graders at the school also made cards to give with the meals, and thanks to dozens of students and parents who volunteered today more 50 people in need received meals.