Empty shelves, lines for plywood- a WNY native shares pictures as Florida preps for Irma

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CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA (WIVB) – A Tonawanda native currently living in Cape Coral, Florida, sent in photos of the city in southwest Florida as residents prepare for Hurricane Irma to strike.

“We are preparing for this- we are in the line of fire for the storm,” Matthew Merecki wrote in a Facebook message to News 4.

One photo showed a long line forming at a gas station as residents fueled up in anticipation of the storm.

Another photo, taken Wednesday evening, showed a gas station completely empty of customers.

“All gas stations are running out of fuel,” Merecki wrote.

Lines are also forming out the road to purchase plywood, to board up windows before the hurricane strikes.

Shelves at stores are emptying as residents prepare for the storm.

PHOTO/Matthew Merecki

Florida has already declared a state of emergency in advance of the storm, which could strike in Florida later this week or this weekend. Hurricane Irma is currently a Category 5 hurricane, with winds of 185 mph.

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