AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB) – The weather has gotten a little chillier in recent weeks, but nothing compared to a typical fall in Western New York. By this time in November, we’d usually have some snow on the ground.

Because the weather has stayed pretty mild, Erie County has been able to keep its golf courses open longer, which is helping generate a little more revenue.

The end of the season is weather-dependent, and so far, the weather has cooperated to keep the greens open. Everyone is still advised to call ahead before they head to the courses.

If you’re heading to the County courses to get in some late-season golfing, you can get a pretty good discount. “We have a great deal at Elma Meadows and Grover Cleveland: $20 for golf and a cart,” Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz said, when asked about the weather’s impact on county finances.

“The longer that goes on, the more money we can generate from that, and the less money we have to spend with regards to the winter,” he said.

Poloncarz says the county has already saved some money this fall by not having to have the plow drivers on the roads much. They’ve only had to salt the roads in the Southtowns a few times so far this season.

The mild weather lasting longer into the fall has also given the county time to work out some plowing agreements with the towns so there won’t be question marks about whether certain roads will be cleared this winter.

Poloncarz says the county is ready to go whenever the snow does start flying. He wants to make sure drivers are ready for that, too.

“When it does come, we know how to handle it. We know how to plow the roads, but it’s important that people remind themselves that even a lightly covered road can be a danger, and you can’t go down a lightly covered road at 65, 70 miles an hour and expect to have the grip you normally have on clear pavement,” he said. “So we just ask everyone to use causation when you’re driving, as always.”

Drivers should slow down and leave themselves plenty of room whenever the snow does come.

While a lot of us are just fine with winter weather taking its time getting here, there is one downside worth noting: an ongoing problem with rats in some parts of the county.

Poloncarz says the longer we go without snow, the better, but, a harsh winter would help with the rat issue.