Erie County Board of Elections now offering a “public health emergency COVID- 19” option for voters who have health a concerns


Keeping folks safe and health, but also keeping the ballot boxes filled, that’s the goal of a new measure put in place by the Erie County Board of Elections.

“We’re the first county in New York State, to implement this and hopefully by us taking this action other counties will follow along,” said Ralph Mohr Republican Elections Commissioner.

The board created a new box for voters to check off on the application for an absentee ballot — it’s the “public health emergency COVID- 19” option.

Voters can check this box if they’re feeling sick or if they’re just afraid of exposure to the virus when visiting polling sites.

“Given the declaration of emergency that Governor Cuomo set forth and the World Health Organization’s issuance of a pandemic out there, we just want to make sure that all of our voters know that they have options to vote, whether that’s coming to the polls or whether that’s mailing in their ballots,” said Jeremy Zellner Democratic Commissioner.

In regard to precautions taken at the physical voting sites, the commissioners say that the touch screens and the stylus used for voting will be consistently cleaned and wiped down.

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