Erie County: Vaccine appointments available for the taking; some sites you can just walk in and get a shot


The Erie County Health Department says they have hundreds of open vaccination appointments available. They hosted a pop-up clinic at the Bethesda World Harvest International Church on Main Street in Buffalo Wednesday, got get folks to sign up.

Nicholas Petroski was one of hundreds of folks who were able to just walk-in and get the Moderna shot.

“After I got that lunch I was walking across the street and it was so simple and so easy. There was no pain in the shot,” said Nicholas Petroski of Buffalo.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz said on Twitter today that hundreds of vaccine appointments were open for the taking. He listed several sites where folks could either sign-up online, or just walk in.

“My neighbor called and told me, “Hey, they’re giving away shots.” So instead of going on Grider, I just go around the corner,” said Tony Ashwood Buffalo.

Vaccines were given out to folks who are 18 and older. The location of this particular pop-up clinic gives easy access to folks in vulnerable communities.

“A lot of us African Americans, we do have underlying conditions, and the bottom line is if we have the underlying conditions you really need this vaccine. So if you do still end up getting the virus, it won’t hit you as hard,” said Annette Colden church member

And, beyond Erie County the push to get folks vaccinated continues. Vaccinate Western New York is looking for volunteers who are certified to administer intramuscular injections to become a vaccinator. visit

For Erie County Vaccine information visit

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