Erie County’s Democratic, Republican election commissioners discuss early voting turnout


(WIVB) – We’re headed into the final weekend of early voting and the turnout remains very strong.

News 4 stopped by the West Seneca Community Center on Friday afternoon, where the turnout was still strong.

As of Friday morning, 115,000 voters in Erie County had early voted, and another 60,000 have already sent in their ballots.

Early voting runs through Sunday evening.

What started as three to one Democratic turnout has now shrunk to two to one Democrats, which is more like the actual breakdown of registered voters in Erie County.

The Democratic and Republican election commissioners have differing views if this tells us anything about who will win the presidential race.

“It says to me that there’s a reason people are coming to the polls, and I believe it’s because we have a president who has neglected this country, ignored us, and not heeded the call of this global pandemic and put forth a national policy to handle it,” said Democratic Erie County Board of Elections commissioner Jeremy Zellner. “People are making their voices heard.”

Ralph Mohr, Republican Erie County Board of Elections commissioner, said “There’s still a great deal of enthusiasm, this president, and by his words and actions, he’s already done the unexpected and you never really know.”

“It shows that people are very excited about this race and are coming out to vote, and that usually bodes well for Republicans,” Mohr added.

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