(WIVB) — New Yorkers overwhelmingly approve of the way Gov. Andrew Cuomo is handling the coronavirus response in the Empire State, according to a WIVB-TV/Emerson College Poll released late Sunday afternoon. And about half of those polled disapprove of the response by President Donald Trump. The statewide poll also examined the impact the pandemic has had on peoples’ lives.

Nearly three out of every four New Yorkers approve of the way Gov. Andrew Cuomo is tackling the state’s COVID-19 response, according to a WIVB-TV/Emerson College poll released Sunday.

Just 17 percent disapprove, and a little more than 10 percent were neutral.

Pollsters posed questions to one thousand people of various ages and ethnicities from April 3 through April 5.

While Gov. Cuomo had high favorability ratings from New Yorkers, the president did not.
Just under half of those polled disapproved of Donald Trump’s handling of the outbreak, while fewer than 40 percent approved.

The poll also found New Yorkers to be broadly impacted, on medical, social and financial levels.

Forty percent of New Yorkers say they or a member of their family have lost a job as a result of the crisis. Of those, Hispanics were the largest group affected, followed by Asians, blacks and whites.

The poll finds New Yorkers split on their concerns about the pandemic. About a third say they’re worried about losing access to health and emergency services, and nearly the same amount are worried about a food shortage.

The vast majority are concerned about their health when compared to personal finances, despite the fact that about a quarter of residents said their income or mental health took the brunt of the impact as a result of isolation policies.  

But people ARE leaving their homes, according to the poll. Most of those polled have left their house in the past week, and nearly a third reported venturing out the same day.

However, most New Yorkers expect life to remain the same — at least through the month of April. Most say students should not return to school this year. And most say businesses should stay closed at least until May first, with about a third saying it should be later than mid-May.

Most residents who participated in the WIVB-TV/Emerson College poll would vaccinate themselves and their children, but about half believe a vaccine won’t be available for at least the next six months. And more than half of those polled agree: Life will never been same once the pandemic runs its course.

(Margins of error: Statewide – 3%, Each county – 6.1%)