Expert: New mall air filters can filter out about 95 percent of harmful particles


The reopening of local malls hinges on their ability to install air filters that are so strong they can filter out nano-particles and local experts say, keeping those particles out of the air is key to a safe shopping experience.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced this week that starting Friday, malls can reopen “if” they have these filters installed inside the facility.

So far the Boulevard Mall, the Galleria Mall, the Mckinley Mall and the Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls are preparing to reopen their doors on Friday.

The Eastern Hills Mall is aiming to open next week on Wednesday — pending the installation of new air filters.

Local experts say these high efficiency air filters clear small particles from the air that transmit Covid-19.

“Indoor air spaces are at risk because, when you have a bunch of people coming in and out of a space, some of them may be infected and don’t even know it,” said Christopher Fox President of R.P. Fedder. “That’s very fine filter media, that’s capturing particles to 300 nano-meters, or 05 microns, so very small particles out of the air, capturing 95 percent of those particles.”

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