Faith-based group working to make care packages for the Buffalo PD


A faith-based advocacy group called OpOverwatch is asking for the public’s help to complete hundreds of care packages for the Buffalo Police Department.

Organizers hope the packages will provide some stress relief from the demands created by the coronavirus pandemic. 

“It’s an officer wellness issue basically that we’re looking at, and it’s tough times right now, so as a ministry and as a community we seek to come together to be an advocate for Buffalo PD,” said David Budz, founder of OpOverwatch. 

Buffalo Police Captain William Rinaldo says they’re facing new on the job risks. 

“Basically, almost every call for service that the officer goes on, they’re interacting with the public and there’s no way to know if that person is contagious with COVID, or if they’ve been in contact with somebody,” he said. “Unfortunately, there’s a lot of stress because every call for service potentially the officer faces a chance of getting infected. Additionally, we’ve seen a number of people within our department actually contract COVID as well as over 40 other people that have had the symptoms of it and  hand to quarantine.”

The care packages will include hand sanitizer, gift cards and a peacemaker bible.

“The peacemaker bible is a new testament bible with psalms and proverbs included, that is directly written to reach law enforcement,” he said. “There’s stories, there’s testimonies inside the bible, along with the scriptures themselves.”

To help purchase the bibles and other items included in the packages the group is selling shirts to the general public.

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