TAMPA, Fla. (WIVB) — The family of an Orchard Park native who was killed in South Florida last month is demanding answers.

Carson Senfield’s family never imagined their son’s 19th birthday would also be his last. Senfield was a student at the University of Tampa. Last month, on his birthday, he was killed while attempting to get into a vehicle outside his apartment.

“Carson thought he was getting into an Uber. He had a few cocktails, he dropped his key – that’s why he couldn’t get inside [his apartment,]” said Ralph Fernandez, the Senfield family’s attorney.

The driver, who was inside the car at the time, told Tampa police he did not know Senfield, or why he was trying to get into his car, but that he shot Senfield because he feared for his life.

“Florida has turned into an O.K. Corral,” Fernandez said. “What we’re seeing in Tampa right now, the daily killings, is part of the mentality that human life is depreciated, and that over any argument, technically, the law allows you to kill somebody.”

The Senfield family is now trying to learn more about their son’s alleged killer. Last week Fernandez sent a letter to the Tampa Police Department asking for the driver’s identity. Fernandez said he met with Chief Mary O’Connor, who would not release that information, citing Marsy’s Law.

Fernandez said the Senfield family will continue to fight for justice, not just for their son, but for other families to prevent them from dealing with a similar tragedy.

“They want to make sure it doesn’t happen to another child of another family,” Fernandez said.

An official with the Tampa Police Department said this is an ongoing investigation.

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