Fans react to new tailgate changes ahead of Sunday’s home opener


The first home game of the season for the Buffalo Bills is this Sunday and football fans are already camping out around New Era Field.

Fans can expect a few changes this season if they’re planning to tailgate.

“The Bills and Buffalo is known for their tailgating and the community here takes much pride in their team no matter if they’re losing or they’re winning,” said Bills fan John Parsons.

It’s no secret that Bills fans know how to tailgate. However, some could argue fans get carried away and have even been known to jump from buses onto tables while tailgating.

“There might be times where things get a little out of hand,” Parsons said. “It’s unfortunate that maybe a few bad seeds broke it for everyone else.”

To keep fans safe while they tailgate, some changes have been made. Including, fans who arrive to New Era Field by bus or limo will no longer be allowed to tailgate near their vehicle. Instead they will have to drink and grill in a more controlled area called, Tailgate Village.

It’s a change Bills fan Tim Doty doesn’t agree with.

“It’s like they don’t want us to have fun like we used to,” he said. “I really don’t understand where they’re going with it.”

He said the policy change is one of the reasons he now chooses to tailgate in a privately owned lot near the stadium instead.

“I mean the buses coming here and everybody have to pay 15 bucks to go over in the tailgate zone, or whatever they’re calling it,” Doty said.

Permits for Tailgate Village must be bought ahead of time, and officials have increased the prices this season.

There will also be 300 police officers and 300 security guards patrolling the lots around the stadium and inside the stadium for safety.

Even with all the changes, fans say Sunday is all about cheering on the team.

“True Bills fans are here for the Bills and they’re gonna be here for the Bills regardless of whatever rules or regulations get put into place,” Parsons said.

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