WHEATFIELD, N.Y. (WIVB) – Residents on Errick Rd. in the Town of Wheatfield are still in disbelief at the scene that unfolded Friday in an otherwise quiet neighborhood.

Friday afternoon, the Niagara County Sheriff’s office received a call from Duane and Cynthia Bores, saying they’d been shot by their son, Duane Jr.

Both Duane A. Bores Jr. and Duane Bores Sr. were members of the 107th Airlift Wing.

Capt. Elaine Nowak, Chief of Public Affairs, 107th Airlift Wing told News 4, “Duane A. Bores Jr. was a member of the 107th Airlift wing. He enlisted in May, 2009 and was at the end of his enlistment period of six years. He was trained as an Aircraft Maintenance Analysis Journeyman and his rank was Senior Airman. ” Prior to retiring, Capt. Nowak said, Duane Bores Sr.  “…was also a part of the maintenance squadron.”

When a deputy arrived, there was a shootout between him and Duane Bores Jr. “I’ve never seen anything like it, it was kind of like an episode of cops,” said neighbor Harrison Stump. The Bores’ used to attend neighborhood parties with Stump’s family.

What’s going on that makes this, this kind of family thing go this way – neighbor

The deputy was shot, but saved by a bullet proof vest. According to the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office, Bores was shot as well. They say he then retreated into the house, and took his own life.

James Voutour, a Niagara County Sheriff said, “There were three handguns registered to the father in the house. We believe that at least two of those guns were used.”

Stump has lived just a couple houses away from the Bores for almost 30 years.  He wasn’t home during the gunfire but found evidence of it in his back yard, a bullet hole in his fence. “Well apparently they had one round that came from the garage there from that house at this angle through the fence here, and hit the tree over there.”

Stump described the family as typical and seemed happy from what he saw; he said learning of the tragedy, is a shock. He says Duane Jr. was expected to be heading to college soon. From everything he saw, he says they seemed happy. “What’s going on that makes this, this kind of family thing go this way? So sad. I feel bad for them all,” he said.

Cynthia and Duane Bores Sr. remain in intensive care at ECMC where they are fighting for their lives.

The name of the Sheriff’s deputy who was shot is not being released at this time but News 4 has learned that he is a 10 year veteran of the Niagara County Sheriffs. He has been placed on paid administrative leave, which is standard protocol after an event such as this.