(WIVB) – Federal agents have arrested a fourth person from Western New York for his alleged involvement in the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol in Washington, DC.

Daniel Warmus, of Alden, is charged with knowingly entering a restricted building, intent to disrupt official government business, and violent entry. Each charge is a misdemeanor.

Early Tuesday morning, the FBI raided an apartment in Alden in the 11000 block of Genesee Street with flash grenades.

The statement of facts alleges that on Jan. 12, the FBI got a tip that Warmus breached the Capitol grounds during the insurrection.

The tipster indicated that Warmus was heard talking about his experience while at a dentist’s office.

“Specifically, the tipster reported that a police officer told Warmus to leave the building, but Warmis refused to leave,” the statement of facts alleges.

“Warmus also played a video he had taken inside the Capitol Building at the dentist’s office.”

Warmus is the registered agent for Worm-a-Fix Automotive in Orchard Park, the report states.

FBI agents surveilled the business on multiple occasions and observed a blue truck registered to Warmus parked during business hours.

The FBI obtained some video footage they believe is Warmus, who was wearing a dark sweathshirt with the phrase “CNN is fake news” and a dark hat bearing “Trump 2020.”

The FBI alleges that security footage at the Capitol showed a person resembling Warmus enter the building at approximately 2:17 p.m. through the Senate Wing doors.

The statement of facts alleges Warmus pulled away from an officer who grabbed him by his backpack and walked away.

The FBI served a search warrant on Verizon to access Warmus’s cell phone records, which showed his phone number had utilized a cell site in the geographic area of the Capitol.

The other three local individuals arrested and charged for alleged participation in the Jan. 6 attack are Peter Harding of Cheektowaga, Thomas Sibick of Amherst and Dominic Pezzola of Rochester.