BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A federal judge is dropping the criminal case against a Buffalo woman, accused of running over police officers during a protest in the summer of 2020 and illegal possession of a weapon.

It was a chaotic scene on June 1, 2020, with officers injured, bullets flying and a car speeding away.

“I was very happy that the case was dismissed, I still apologize to the officer, I never meant for anything to happen,” said Deyanna Davis, in regards to the charge of illegal possession of a weapon. Davis is no longer on home incarceration or electronic monitoring, relating to the federal case.

Davis was behind the wheel with two other men, Semaj Pigram, 25, and Walter Stewart, 28, when they slammed through a police blockade on Bailey Avenue, during a period of social unrest after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Davis was initially charged in federal court with a single count of illegal possession of a firearm. On Tuesday, federal court Judge Richard Arcara dismissed her case, at the request of federal prosecutors.

“Its always been our contention that she was carjacked and that this weapon was the instrument used to take over the vehicle take over control of the vehicle,” said Sam Davis, Deyanna Davis’ attorney. There is no family relationship between the two.

“There was never any indication that she actually touched or came in contact with this weapon,” Sam Davis added.

Davis says she was on her way to the store and came across the protest, then sped off after seeing tear gas. She says she still deals with injuries from begin shot in the back and the stomach.

“I do still have troubles getting around sometimes, it does hurt a lot I never going to be the same,” Davis said.

State Police Trooper Ron Ensminger will likely never be the same either. He suffered a broken leg and a shattered pelvis after being run over. State Police say Ensminger retired in January due to his injuries.

Davis still faces state charges from the Erie County District Attorney’s Office — two counts of assault — for the injuries to the officers. This case is scheduled for July, according to the DA’s Office.

Sam Davis says their defense is building momentum, in getting those charges dropped, with the federal case now being dismissed.

“I believe this was purely an accident, she was shot subsequent to that this wasn’t malice, forethought, she didn’t intend to hurt him,” Davis said.

If convicted on the assault charges, Davis could get a max of 25 years in prison. Because of the federal case, Davis was on home incarceration with electronic monitoring, but that is no longer happening. Federal charges are still pending against her two co-defendants and according to court documents, plea negotiations are ongoing.

Davis’ defense attorney says Deyanna Davis is not a cooperating witness for the prosecution.

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