Fence company racks up customer complaints, pledges to improve


TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WIVB) – Lynn Fedeson’s husband Tim practically rebuilt their house with his bare hands–remodeled the outside, renovated the interior–and then there was the fence around the in-ground pool in their backyard.

The retired City of Tonawanda firefighter replaced all but one side of the wooden fence-his final do-it-yourself project–and when Lynn hired a fence company to finish the fence, they took her money but never came back.

Lynn said, “I was always told, we will call you tomorrow, never to be called. I have gone in there multiple times and no one could answer my questions”

Tim Fedeson was diagnosed with lung cancer, earlier this year, and within a couple of months, he died on June 3. Within three weeks Lynn went to Classic Fence of Tonawanda to finish Tim’s job, and a salesman came out the next day with a contract.

“We measured 26′ of fence and signed the contract, and I gave him my credit card, and I have not heard from them since.” But unbeknownst to Lynn, dozens of other Classic Fence customers have filed complaints to Call 4 Action and the Better Business Bureau.

The owner of Classic Fence and Lumber Company blames a shortage of good workers, and getting ripped off by a former bookkeeper, who was convicted of theft and went to jail.

While owner Fred DeNormand declined to go on camera, he did say he is trying to catch up with his backlog, and is paying out refunds.

But the Tonawanda widow said she has heard that story before–when she went to Classic Fence’s office two weeks ago, and asked a customer service representative for her money back.

“She said I will mail you the check on Monday, I will mail you the check this afternoon. That was on a Monday, on Friday afternoon I still had not received the check. So I called and I got the owner this time, and he told me that he is waiting for someone to give him $15,000 and when he gets paid I will get paid, don’t worry.”

Classic Fence owner Fred DeNormand told News 4, he is going to be writing refund checks this week, including the $700 he owes Lynn Fedeson–the down payment on her fence contract.

DeNormand is hopeful he can get Classic Fence back on the right track: The company has been in business since 1967 and DeNormand said, if he could find a few more reliable workers, he can pare down his backlog of unfinished work.

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