Fence contractor to ‘pay it forward’ for firefighter’s widow


TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WIVB) – An Amherst fence company seems to be breaking its promise to pay back a firefighter’s widow and other dissatisfied customers, as the company struggles to keep up with a growing backlog of orders, while another fence company is offering to help the widow in distress.

Call 4 Action has received several complaints about Classic Fence and Lumber Co. on Niagara Falls Boulevard–either for taking customers’ money and failing to deliver the goods, or the work was of poor quality.

This latest development is unfortunate because Classic Fence has been in business for many years, and until recently had a good reputation, leading customers to believe this is a company they could trust.

It has been three weeks since News 4 interviewed Lynn Fedeson about the last 26-foot section of her fence she hired Classic Fence to complete. Lynn’s husband Tim Fedeson, a popular City of Tonawanda firefighter had put up the new fence all the way around the yard, but passed away before he could finish it.

Fedeson gave Classic Fence a $700 deposit to start the job, but no one ever showed up, but after the story aired on October 31, Lynn did hear from a high school classmate whose son has started a fence company.

“He came out, and he wanted to teach his son that is it is good to ‘pay it forward’ so they are going to be putting my fence in, within the next two-to-four weeks.” Is Lynn paying full price? “No, he gave me a very good price.”

The Tonawanda widow and grandmother is one of many Classic Fence customers that have contacted Call 4 Action, many of whom have also gone without a refund, due to the company failing to show within a reasonable period of time.

Classic Fence’s owner, Fred DeNormand told News 4, he has been scammed by a former bookkeeper, and the quality of his workers has been not-so-good.

After losing her husband and having to deal with this intensely frustrating issue, Lynn Fedeson is overwhelmed, “It has been very disappointing, hiring companies that don’t come through.”

But now the fence is about to be finished, and Lynn plans to “pay it forward”, after the new contractor completes the repairs, “I was in tears when he left. I have never had anybody be so nice to me.))

Fred DeNormand did make another offer to finish Lynn Fedeson’s fence, as he has done with a few other customers, rather than paying refunds, but after months of waiting, Fedeson refused DeNormand’s offer.

The Tonawanda widow also contacted her credit card carrier, and has received a “chargeback” to her account, but that refund credit could be just temporary, especially if Classic Fence cannot or will not repay the money.

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