Students in the Buffalo City School District went back to school for in-person classes Monday.

Only students in grades pre-k- second grade, high school seniors and students with special needs were allowed back inside the schools. Teachers and school staff have been preparing for days to get the classrooms ready to welcome students.

“We have several logistics that we put in place in the classroom, for example desks will be socially distant, classrooms will also have squares taped off for students to stand and stretch and get movement throughout the day,” said Serena Restivo, school principal MJD Futures School 37. “Students can also expect a personal school supply kit, because we are not going to be sharing supplies among students, they’ll have their own personal PPE kits as well.”

The next part of the phased in approach is to allow the remainder of the student population to return for in person classes. There is not a definite date for their return.

“It’s challenging. This is essentially an engineering challenge to bring all of our children and all of our staff back on to these very, very different footprints of 60 schools across this district,” said district superintendent Kriner Cash.

The superintendent is confident that the measures they have in place will allow more students to return safely. Altogether, between teachers and students about 14 thousand people were expected Monday. 

The district says a final count on attendance will be available at a later time.