First Student trainer tells drivers to treat kids on bus like their own


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Step out and meet your child’s bus driver.

You may also want to ask them if there’s a way you can track your child’s bus.

Many districts now offer apps that allow real-time tracking.

Buffalo Public Schools and their contractor, First Student, will be announcing a new app soon.

School bus drivers count on the rest of us to help them protect the kids they carry.

“They don’t use their turn signals,” Alicia Desborough said. “They cut us off. It’s a tough road down there on the road.”

Desborough ought to know; She spend the past 17 years driving and training drivers for First Student.

“You have to think about the fact that people are gonna do what they’re gonna do,” Desborough said.

She tells bus drivers to treat the kids on board like their own.

“That’s what makes you a safe driver is focusing on the task at hand and being prepared for what may happen…what could come up and how you would possibly avoid it,” she said.

That means watching for drivers who break the law. You have to prepare to stop when you see the yellow lights, and you have to come to a complete stop when you see red, flashing lights.

The law says you also have to allow 20 feet of space between you and the bus.

While driving, if you look away for even a few seconds, your chances of getting in a crash increase.

Here are the fines for passing a school bus:

  • First offense – Expect to pay between $250 and $400
  • Second and third offenses – Fines could be as high as $1,000, and jail time is possible.

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