First time voters at local colleges exercise their civic duty by casting a the ballot for the first time


Kenneth Claudio is a student at Buffalo State College and he’s from New York City. He didn’t let his distance from home keep him from casting his ballot, that’s why decided to use an absentee ballot for his first time voting.

“All these years, you’re thinking about ..I can’t wait to vote, I can’t wait till I’m 18 and I can vote. Then you turn 18 and you vote, and it’s so surreal. But it felt good to vote,” said Claudio.

His colleague Lauren Burch is from Jamestown, she’s making the trek home to cast her ballot.

“We made plans about a month ago to actually drive home to vote, just because with everything going on with the mail in elections,” she said.

It’s not just first-time voters who are hitting the polls.

“I voted yes! Everyone go vote! Honestly, this was my second time ever coming out to vote. I think it’s very important, if I can do it, you should do it too,” said Grace Trang UB Student

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