NEW YORK (WIVB) — Some fishermen out on Long Island Sound discovered an animal in the water that did not fit among the others — a deer.

On Saturday afternoon, Rob Kurdy and his friends were coming back from shark fishing when they spotted something six miles off shore.

They went to check it out and it did not look like the six-point buck was going to be able to tread the 58 degree water much longer.

“You could see it shivering. It’s barely staying afloat,” Kurdy said. “It’s kind of just going in circles.”

The fishermen decided to rescue the animal.

Kurdy said, “He actually got a piece of rope and was able to stick the rope around the antlers real gently and corral the deer towards the boat. We used one of the boat cleats to tie it to him and make sure he was comfortable and we weren’t pulling on him too hard.”

The men made a six mile trip to the shore at Madison Beach. They were not sure how close they could get the boat to shore.

The buck could not swim another stroke, so Kurdy put on a life jacket, jumped in and pulled the deer to shore himself.

“It’s a life, and I’m not going to let him drown,” Kurdy said. “He was out in the middle of nowhere shivering and freezing, so we all said we just can’t let it drown. It was just the right thing to do.”

The neighbors brought some blankets. It took about three hours, but the buck finally warmed up enough to walk off on his own.

This is one fishing story where they could not be more thrilled about the big one getting away.

“No one is going to believe this story, but its a true fisherman story,” Kurdy said.