FL man accused of cloaking license plate


Police say they busted a driver who found a way to hide his license plate from those cameras on toll roads.  A keen-eyed officer tracked down the driver, and the device.

Florida Highway Patrol officers say Robert Davis, age 70, installed a remote-controlled shield on his van, that when he pushed a button, dropped a curtain over his license plate, making it too tough for cameras to catch.  Police had been receiving tips about the driver for a year, including pictures of a van they say had the curtain installed.

An off-duty police lieutenant says he spotted the van, the weekend of November 17.  “When i see him and I’m off, I kind of realized that’s the guy and I had to call it in. And then Troopers came and stopped him and made an arrest,” said Lt. Alejandro Camacho, with the Florida Highway Patrol.

Police say they did find a transponder for Florida SunPass in a radio-blocking container in the van.

Davis is charged with felony organized fraud and cheating.  Police are still investigating to determine if this was about only toll evasion, or if he was trying to conceal other illegal activity.

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