Florida woman admits to killing 11-year-old daughter before driving to Buffalo for visit with girl’s father


WEST VIRGINIA (WIVB) – A Jacksonville woman has admitted to police that she killed her 11-year-old daughter after the girl’s body was found inside of a vehicle headed to Buffalo.

. The body of 11-year-old Kaye-lea Plummer was found inside a car driven by her mother, Erica Newsome when Newsome lost control and crashed in West Virginia by the Virginia border Sunday morning.

Since the crash, investigators have determined that the child was killed in Jacksonville, and her body was then loaded into the car.

Kaye-lea’s father, Donath Plummer, lives in Buffalo. Investigators showed up at the Rite Aid on Delaware Avenue Sunday night as Plummer was working to tell him the news.

Plummer said he was shocked to hear that his daughter had been killed.

Plummer and Newsome had been separated since 2014, and he said that they didn’t have a solid relationship, but they kept in contact. It would have been a surprise visit for Plummer, who hadn’t seen his daughter in years.

Plummer showed News 4 text messages Newsome had sent him as she was driving from Jacksonville to Buffalo, acting like everything was okay.

He couldn’t explain what would motivate his wife to murder their child.

“Some illness, some sickness that got into her- that’s the only explanation I could think of because Erica didn’t do that,” Plummer said.

“That wasn’t the woman I married- that wasn’t the woman I entrusted with my child,” Plummer added.

Plummer says he hasn’t heard from law enforcement or police since Sunday. He’s now working on getting his daughter’s body back to Buffalo.

He hasn’t spoken to his wife since her arrest.

Newsome was arrested and charged with concealment of a corpse.

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