For Gronkowski, Buffalo is home


We may not all be fans of the New England Patriots, that’s putting it lightly, but we have to show some pride when it comes to Rob Gronkowski. He is a Western New York native with a ton of ties to the Queen City.

One of Rob’s friends, Andrew Nusall, told News 4, “Throughout his whole 9 year career, he always loves being from Buffalo. He loves coming back here, and you know just the accomplishments. I think he’ll probably go down as one of the most decorated athletes Buffalo has ever put forward.”

Nusall has been a family friend of the Gronkowski’s since he can remember. He is just one of many locals cheering on the football star in the big game.

Corrin Genovese is another friend of the family who shares memories dating back to their days together in Williamsville. She says one of Rob’s favorite restaurants is nearby!

Genovese explained, “Ale House. Everyone go to the Ale House. It is Robby’s favorite spot he’s loyal, he goes there all the time. That was one of our hangouts for all of us growing up.”

But being a fan of the patriots is hard in the city of good neighbors. His friends take a lot of heat for it. Nusall said, “I think if he was on the Bills fans would be a lot more hyped, but I think that once he’s done playing, they’ll see how special it really was for a local kid that grew up here to go to four super bowls and hopefully win his third one.”

Let’s face it, no matter your thoughts on the Patriots, going to four super bowls is a big accomplishment! This city knows that better than anyone! Both friends say after all these years it’s still surreal to see their friend crushing it on the football field and of course in the Tide Pod commercials.

Nusall said, “I don’t think when he was drafted by New England in 2010,  9 years ago, that he would be playing in 4 super bowls. So just to see him work so hard and everything to get to where he is, is all surreal and you just have to pinch yourself.”

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