BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — For the first time in 640 days, Tom Girot, otherwise known as ‘Conehead,’ will be back at Sahlen Field serving up his cold ones.

But this season, fans will have to go to him, instead of the seat-side service they’re used to. That’s because vendors are only allowed in the concourse, not in the stands. And he won’t be able to open the can for customers.

“I enjoy pouring beer because it adds to the service aspect of what I’m doing,” Conehead said. “But because of COVID this year, they told us, ‘Just pass the cans out, don’t even open them,’ so that’s unusual for me.”

But don’t fret, he’ll have his normal selection of brews, including the IPA made by Resurgence Brewing Company with his likeness on the can. And he has one new item.

“I’m even selling a seltzer, which is something I’ve never (sold before),” he laughed. “I’m a beer guy, I’ve never drank a seltzer!”

The beloved beer guy got his signature conehead in 1977. His wife Nancy bought it for him around Halloween the same year they got married.

“I was upset,” he said. “(I said), ‘You spent $20 and we’re saving for a house? What are you thinking?'”

He didn’t love that his wife spent the money on something he considered so useless, but he wore it to a Bills game and realized it made him stand out.

“And one thing led to another and you become a legend in Buffalo by looking silly.”

It became a hit and he began his tenure at Bisons games in 1979. In that time, he’s been through well over 100 of the heads he wears.

“They don’t last long because I do sweat a lot.”

He’s also served thousands of customers, who are now considered friends.

“I basically know everyone by name (and) everybody knows me,” he said. “I’ve been doing it so long, it’s just so enjoyable. It’s the one thing I really enjoy doing in life. It’s without a doubt my favorite thing to do.”

You can find Conehead in the concourse in section 115 this season. But if you’re not sure where that is, just listen closely.

“Before you get there, you’ll hear me yelling, ‘Whooooo needs a beer!?'”