Freezing rain creates issues for Western New York travelers during busy travel day


BUFFALO N.Y. (WIVB) – Sunday’s freezing rain created problems for Western New York travelers during one of the busiest travel days of the year.

“Massive nightmare, everybody trying to get home,” said truck driver Tim Scanlon. “Ice everywhere.”

Scanlon is traveling from Canada to Upstate New York. He says there’s been a lot of traffic throughout his journey, and in some places there’s been slow moving traffic because of the slick roads.

“I think the biggest things I’ve seen today is that they don’t clean their windows off, and they’re guessing when they’re switching lanes,” Scanlon said. “That’s how a couple of those big wrecks happen. “Clean your windshield and take your time, there’s no sense rushing in weather like this and getting hurt and getting killed.”

The icy weather conditions didn’t just cause problems for drivers.

“We had multiple people going outside, they weren’t sure if it was frozen, they thought it was just raining and they would walk outside and slip and fall and get injured,” said paramedic Edward Schaefer.

Whether traveling for work or for the holidays, drivers say take your time.

“We have just have to make sure we drive with caution,” Schaefer said. “I mean we can’t be speeding around in these conditions and we just got to be careful like everyone else.”

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