FREWSBURG, N.Y. (WIVB) – A 21-year-old Frewsburg man has been charged with forgery and signing a false statement following an investigation into counterfeit currency.

Cory Brainard was charged Thursday with first degree forgery and making a punishable false written statement.

According to New York State Police, Brainard reported to the troopers that he received three $50 bills from an individual he sold items to, only to discover they were counterfeit when he attempted to use one of the bills at a business.

Brainard signed a deposition stating his statement was true. However, t\he investigation revealed that in Aug. 2017, Brainard sold a four-wheeler, receiving $1,500 mostly in counterfeit $50 bills.

Since then, Brainard used the bills at various locations, police said.

He was issued appearance tickets.