Frontier food truck hits the streets, creates unique teaching moments for students


FRONTIER, N.Y. (WIVB) — The Frontier School District now has a food truck! It’s replacing the high school concession stand, but also doing much more. School administrators are calling it a classroom on wheels.

The truck hit the streets about a week ago.

“I can only imagine the many looks on the thruway as the gentlemen were driving it down here,” Superintendent Dr. Richard Hughes said.

As soon as it arrived, it was an instant hit. It made its debut in the homecoming game against rival Hamburg.

“I don’t want to give the food truck credit, but our football team did take on the rivals and beat them in that game,” Dr. Hughes said. “The line to the food truck was absolutely insane, I don’t think it ever ended. So it was crazy to see the school spirit.”

The Falcon food truck is different than others, because there isn’t one, solid menu that will be served at all time. There’s a variety of equipment inside that will allow for a revolving menu.

“They can do subs, they can do pizza, they can do hot pretzels, they can do hamburgers, hot dogs, they can deep fry anything they want to deep fry,” PJ Azzarella said, the president of JP Food Trucks, which created the vehicle.

The food service department and students run the truck.

“We want to give our kids a different way of looking and a different way of learning,” Jason Whipple said, the director of food services.

Students interested in culinary come up with the menus. They try different things in class, and decide what tastes good enough for the truck. Others man the truck and learn what it’s like to run a business.

“It gives you a perspective on work and it’s just a fun time,” said Nate Hoelig said, a senior at Frontier High School.

And there was even a competition for how the the truck would look. One student won with the blue, white and black falcon design.

So look out for the design around town, there are already plans to bring the food truck to other events, beyond just the football games.

And News 4 photographer, Dan Holland is credited with one of their unique, revolving menus. When Holland visited on the first day of school, he gave them the idea to make a menu of old-school, throwback cafeteria food, like Mexican pizzas and sloppy joes. Dr. Hughes told News 4, they loved the idea so much that they’re looking through old menus to come up with something for the truck.

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