Buffalo man finds birth parents just in time for Christmas

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Kevin Corbett grew up in North Tonawanda with his adopted parents, Tom and Jean Corbett. He shared a wonderful life with them.

“I lost mom in 2005,  I lost my father in 2008,” said Corbett.  “And shortly after that, there was an emptiness that wasn’t being filled.”

Ever since, he had been searching for his birth parents. Being a private adoption, he says this task proved to be far from easy. “Brick wall, after brick wall.. until last year,” he said, “Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that allowed for all adoptees in the state of New York to get a copy of their original birth certificate.”

Two days before his 43rd birthday, his original birth certificate came in the mail. “Less than 24 hours later, I had received a message from my first cousin, stating ‘here’s your moms phone number she’s awaiting your phone call,'” he said.

And finally, after more than four decades, Kevin was connected with his birth parents in Indiana. “My heart just exploded in happiness,” he said.

“I didn’t realize what a weight, not knowing where he was or how he was, weighed on me for all those years… until now that weight is gone,” said his birth mother, Anne Huebel. “And just knowing that he’s turned out to be an amazing man, I’m just so excited to spend the next, forever getting to know him.”

He also gained two brothers and a sister. “Everybody’s family is now one big family, that grew literally, overnight,” said Corbett.

“One of the best parts is because he did find me the day before his birthday, we were able to sing Happy 43rd birthday to him for the very first time,” said Huebel.

The pair hopes their story brings you and your family hope this holiday season, after a trying year. “Based on how this year has gone for so many people, we just wanted to get out story out there to share a little happiness before this year ends,” said Corbett.

And Corbett will be meeting his birth parents in person, in just a few days!

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