Goodbye Bucks 4 Bottles, a sign of progress?


A North Buffalo landmark is about to fade into history, but it seems to be the latest sign of growth along on Elmwood Avenue.

“Bucks 4 Bottles,” a bottle and can redemption center, at the corner of Elmwood and Hertel avenues, will soon close its doors for good, but it is giving way to a new mixed use development that could brighten up the neighborhood.

The property has been sold to a developer who has big plans for that section of North Buffalo, which means the old building has to go.

While Bucks 4 Bottles occupies the property at 1866 Elmwood now, just a few years ago it was the long time home of a Dickie’s Donuts franchise, and before that, a service station.

Uniland Development, Inc. bought the lot, along with several other adjacent properties, with plans to brighten up what has been dull section of the city.

The combined cost of all the parcels, about 20 acres along the western side of Elmwood at the Hertel Avenue intersection, was an estimated $7 million and Uniland plans to build the property into a mixed use project of retail, residential, and office space.

But Bucks 4 Bottles is only moving a couple of blocks away on Hertel Avenue, and manager Joe Callanan is optimistic.    

“I guess it is for the better.  We get a bigger building.  We are getting AC in the new building, it is not going to be too hot.  We will have more work space, and hopefully we will have more room to get more customers and make more money.”

Two signs hanging on the front of the building say Bucks 4 Bottles is moving next month, but Callanan said that is just a rough estimate. Paperwork and site preparation might push the moving date back to November.

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