Gov. Cuomo blames New York’s ‘COVID problem’ on federal government


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Governor Cuomo has lashed out at the federal government, claiming New York’s “COVID problem” is a direct result of its negligence. The Governor went on to claim the state could sue the federal government, if this were a “private situation.”

Governor Cuomo made the claims while hitting out at the lack of funding provided by Washington in response to the pandemic. At a press conference on Monday, Cuomo said:

“You cost New Yorkers lives and you cost New Yorkers billions of dollars and now to add insult to injury, you want to say you’re not going to provide federal funds to help alleviate the damage that you caused? That’s going to be the imposition? It’s reprehensible.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo
(D) New York

The Governor said tracking the virus is a federal responsibility and the government failed to take action as COVID-19 spread from China, through Europe and to New York.

He went on to claim other states could not make the argument because the outbreak in New York put them “on notice.”

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