Gov. Cuomo says New York’s numbers continue to rise, looks ahead to ‘Winter Phase’


FILE: NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MAY 21: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds up a face mask at a news conference on May 21, 2020 in New York City. While the governor continued to say that New York City is seeing a steady decline in coronavirus cases, he also mentioned that the number of countries reporting a mysterious illness in children believed to be connected to COVID-19 has nearly doubled in just one week. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

ALBANY, N.Y. (WIVB)– Governor Cuomo held a press conference the afternoon of November 29 updating New Yorkers on the state’s pandemic response efforts.

He began by noting that if you look at New York State’s COVID-19 numbers they’re increasing, relative to New York State’s previous numbers.

The Governor says that “It’s nice that we’re doing better in a national and global context, but it’s irrelevant to one extent because we have to deal with the issues that we have here in New York relative to New York.”

He projects that coronavirus numbers in New York will increase through the holiday season, he dubs it the “winter phase.” Cuomo went on to say he and his team have been consulting with health officials and local governments to begin a roadmap for this next phase.

He says we can expect an announcement with details about the “winter phase” this week.

The state announced that the positive testing rate in “all focus areas under the state’s Micro-Cluster strategy” is at 5.83%.

Erie and Niagara Counties are among those in the “focus zone.”

In the 30 focus areas across NYS, they’re reporting 39,323 test results were conducted on November 28 and yielded 2,294 positive COVID-19 cases.

Below are their 7-day rolling positivity averages:

  • Portions of Erie County in the Yellow Zone face a 7-day rolling average of 6.83%.
  • Portions of Erie County in the Orange Zone face a 7-day rolling average of 7.20%.
  • The Niagara County Yellow Zone 7-day rolling average is 7.35%.

According to the data provided, all of these focus zone positivity rates are up from last report.

The state says the positivity rate “outside the focus zone areas is 3.75%.”

For Western New York as a whole, the current 7-day rolling average is at 6.69%. This statistic is higher than any other region in New York State. The next closest region is in the Finger Lakes at 5.16%.

Erie County also had the highest number of new deaths in the state, with 14 residents that have passed away.

Here’s a look at hospital statistics across New York State:

  • Patient Hospitalization: 3,372 (+85)
  • Patients Newly Admitted: 487
  • Hospital Counties: 54
  • Number ICU: 667 (+13)
  • Number ICU with Intubation: 326 (-5)
  • Total Discharges: 85,287 (+349)
  • Deaths: 55
  • Total Deaths: 26,690

As we wait to hear more information from Governor Cuomo, he says “everyone needs to stay vigilant: wear your mask, wash your hands, maintain social distance, and above all stay New York Tough.”

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