Governor Andrew Cuomo is putting forth an emergency executive action to ban flavored electronic cigarettes, and that means, flavored e-cigs could be officially banned as early as Tuesday.

Cuomo has directed the state health department to host an emergency meeting to discuss the issue.

His strong stance is in response to the increasing number of youths taking part in vaping and the number of illnesses that have been connected to some form of vaping.

So far, the state health department is reporting 71 vaping related illness in the state and, 19 of those are in Western New York.

Advocates for the e-cigarette industry say banning flavored cigarettes could do more harm than good.

“Businesses all across New York State, are looking at the possibility of having to close, because they will no longer be able to sustain as they have been,” said Andrew Osborne, vice president of the New York State Vapor Association. “And, the real losers are going to be the former smokers who are going to be left with no option for that product that they need to maintain their smoke free lifestyle.”

A state spokesperson says, the e-cig flavor ban should not be confused with the flavored tobacco cigarette ban –that took place in 2009

The health department is set to meet Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. They will consider banning all flavors — including mint. The tobacco flavor is not included in the ban.