ALBANY, NY (WIVB) In a Monday morning conference call with the press, Governor Cuomo said there are still 107 school districts across the state which have not submitted reopening plans to the State Education Department and the State Health Department. The list included Franklinville, Portville, Salamanca, West Valley, Sloan, Williamsville, Lewiston Porter, Pine Valley and Wyoming.

“Maybe they’ve just determined that they just don’t want to open which is the only logical conclusion,” said Cuomo. “But if they think they’re going to open, then they’re going to have their plan by Friday, period.”

But the superintendent of the Lewiston Porter Central School District tells News 4, he did submit a plan to the state weeks ago. And even got responses saying it was received. “Just call me and say hey listen, we didn’t get your plan,” said Paul Casseri. “It’s two clicks of a button.”

Several of the other districts have already told us they submitted a plan to the State Education Department but it wasn’t clear it also had to be independently sent to the health department as well.

“It’s a different model of communication , and in the past, I think that personal touch would’ve occurred,” said Robert Breidenstein, superintendent of the Salamanca City School District.

Governor Cuomo also said that the parent informational sessions scheduled for the next couple weeks will probably affect what the final plan is in each district.

In a virtual Town Hall discussion this afternoon on News 4, Buffalo Schools Superintendent Kriner Cash seemed to agree with that. “If everyone says ‘We want to come back in full, in person mode’, then no, we can’t open safely. But if some will commit to remote for the year, and that’s what we’re gonna be finding out in the next couple of weeks.”