Governor, county leaders continue push for federal aid to states


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — As Congress negotiates additional stimulus due to the coronavirus, Governor Andrew Cuomo and county leaders in New York continue to plead for aid to states and localities.

“It’s very simple. If they want to get this economy back running, you have to fund state and local governments,” the Governor said. 

On Wednesday, Governor Cuomo and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan published a statement on the National Governors Association website again asking for “a $500 billion state stabilization fund.”

Meanwhile, local leaders also continue to push for federal aid. Albany County Executive Dan McCoy said, with indicators like a high unemployment rate, sales tax revenue down and lower hotel occupancy rates, “We could be looking at a shortfall anywhere from $40 to $60 million by the end of this year.” 

The state is currently facing an estimated $13 billion budget shortfall, which could amount to $61 billion over the course of four years. The Governor has said if the federal government doesn’t act, there could be 20 percent across the board cuts to local governments, schools and hospitals.

“A lot of people have lost a lot. And businesses may never open again and employees may never return to a job again. Don’t compound that problem. Don’t force us into the position of eliminating core services,” said Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro.

The Governor also said that, annually, New York gives $29 billion more to the federal government than it receives.

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