Governor Cuomo encourages New Yorkers to continue following guidelines to keep case numbers low


(WIVB) – While cases of COVID-19 across the country continue to rise, in some places, rapidly, infections in Western New York and across the state remain at some of their lowest since the outbreak began. Governor Andrew Cuomo says there are several factors that could jeopardize that trend and cause rates in New York to go back up.

Cuomo says it comes down to three factors, people traveling to New York from areas that have high cases, businesses and people not sticking to the social distancing guidelines and local governments not enforcing those rules.

Lately Cuomo has been cracking down on bars and restaurants that have been violating social distancing rules. Including businesses that were serving patrons alcohol and not food to go with it. He says at least 40 places have had their liquor license suspended, most of those places are downstate.

He says the state has no choice but to stay on top of things as long as cases continue to increase across the country.

“We won’t be out of the woods, totally on covid until covid is contained, all across the country, if not globally,”‘ Cuomo said. “You know you can screen international visitors but at a minimum you need to get it under control in this country before we can really take a full deep breath.”

Cuomo went on to say local governments in upstate New York have been more aggressive in enforcing social distancing rules. He says that has been making a difference to keep numbers low.

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