While hospitalizations are down statewide, Cuomo says it’s not a time to get cocky


LONG ISLAND, N.Y. (WIVB)–During Sunday’s coronavirus briefing, Governor Cuomo says hospitalizations within the state are down again. He says it’s very important that intubation is down.

Yesterday, Cuomo says 1,300 people statewide tested positive for COVID-19 and needed hospitalization.

The governor feels with the numbers coming down, the state seems to be on the other side of the plateau.

But the governor is sending a message that this is not a time to get cocky or to relax as he says the virus has been one step ahead.

“The war is not won,” Cuomo said. He believes it’s really halftime in all of this.

In terms of reopening the state, Cuomo says there’s a small margin of error. It has to be based on numbers and testing, according to the governor. Part of the reopening is depending on how many people have been infected with the virus already, Cuomo says.

He is working with other states for a regional approach to school districts, parks, beaches, and businesses reopening. During his briefing, the governor mentioned local officials are calling and asking him about this.

“We have to stay smart and united,” Cuomo said. He added he would take the blame if someone is complaining about schools, beaches, or businesses not being open.

Cuomo says the key to reopening is testing, specifically antibody testing. He says the FDA approved antibody testing for the state, which will be rolled out this week.

He also thanked all essential workers and neighbors who volunteered to help New York State, saying the state will never forget their generosity.

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