Governor meets with County Executives to talk about COVID-19


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — County executives from around the state were invited to the Governor’s Mansion for breakfast and an open conversation Tuesday about COVID, something they say never happened with the previous governor.

“To sit down, to be heard by the governor, to be treated respectfully by the governor, and to have this governor sit down and do what she said she was going to do about having an open door policy that she was going to be different than any other governor, she has proven it so far to us,” explained Dan McCoy, Albany County Executive.

NEWS10 ABC was told that a wide variety of topics were discussed, and addressing the on-going issues of COVID-19 were a top priority.

“Mass testing clinics are very important still,” said Stephen Acquario, Executive director of NYS Association of Counties. “If we can get those stood up around the state. The governor talked about the high rates about 5% of the North Country that concerned her.”

At this point, implementing mass COVID-19 testing sites once again remains to be seen. The NYS Association of Counties also saying once children 5 and older are eligible to get the vaccine, the state will need to help. Governor Hochul told pediatricians Tuesday to get ready to administer the shot.

She also mentioned mandates.

“We know vaccine mandates work. We are going to have to be talking about more going forward. It’s not my favorite thing to do, but sometimes it’s necessary. And that comes down to just a gathering I had this morning. Invited the county executives to have a conversation with me about their challenges. And I was thanked profusely for having a mask mandate on day one because that took the pressure off them, and their school boards and their school districts that the state stepped in to do this.”

The county executives are looking forward to working with the governor more often.

“We’d be apart of at least informing the decision if not assisting and developing the decision, and then we’d be apart of it’s implementation or have the ability to say we think it’s a bad call, rather than reading about it after the fact and reacting to a briefing,” said Marc Molinaro, Duchess County Executive.

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