Grading Super Bowl ads


(WIVB) – Scoring a winning Super Bowl commercial cost a record $5.6 million this year. 

While the big game always has a clear winner, viewers usually have mixed feelings on what ad won the night.

“My favorite was the ground hog day commercial with Bill Murray,” said Buffalo resident, Sharon Nisengard.

Media expert, Matt Low, Creative Director at Crowley Webb gave this year’s commercials an A- overall.

“There was a lot of entertainment, a lot of celebrities a good mix,” said Law. “There were some quiet moments.”

So what is the key to a good commercial?

“Good execution, it needs one clear message and good branding,” said Low. “Otherwise if you don’t have all those things working for you, I don’t think it’s an effective commercial.”

Some ads grabbed our attention, like the Hulu ad featuring Tom Brady.…not retiring. That was a talker.

Several commercials made us laugh.

But what Low deems the night’s winner, is Jeep’s commercial featuring Bill Murray. “Everybody loves that guy and I think the message of that spot, being this car is fun to drive is a perfect message for jeep,” said Low.

Law says around 75-80 percent of commercials featured some serious star power.

But he says even when you have a celebrity .. it can still miss the mark.

Low says while funny, the ad featuring Jason Momoa left many viewers confused on what it was for, Rocket Mortgage.

Other commercials had a more serious tone. Since it’s an election year, we saw President Donald Trump and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

And a few ads pulled on our heart strings, like the Google “Loretta” spot, about remembering loved ones when they are gone.

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