(Video above was taken from demolition seen Friday morning.)

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A New York State Supreme Court judge has tossed out a Buffalo preservation group’s petition to stop the demolition of the Great Northern Grain Elevator.

The Campaign for Buffalo History, Architecture & Culture argued that then Buffalo Commissioner of Permit & Inspection Services James Commerford was not correct in his findings that the historic grain elevator wasn’t structurally sound.

Justice Emilio Colaiacovo sided with the City of Buffalo, and the owner of the building, ADM Milling, in their intention to bring down the elevator. He cited findings from engineers that showed the building is beyond repair and is a safety hazard.

The judge added that no one “takes pleasure” in demolishing a historical building. However, he said Commissioner Commerford’s demolition order was not haphazard and the product of “serious investigation.”

“The hole in the northern walls still have stress cracks, the H-clips that provide structural support have been compromised, the cupola remains cantilevered and without proper anchor points to the walls, and the remaining masonry is without adequate bond and is unlikely to withstand strong winds,” Justice Colaiacovo wrote in his ruling.

The Campaign for Buffalo History, Architecture & Culture told News 4 they will appeal the judge’s decision.

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Wednesday, a city spokesperson said demolition would get underway in the coming days. At the time, equipment was on standby next to the Ganson Street site.

On Friday morning, News 4 was there while crews were tearing it down.

An ADM spokesperson released a statement to News 4’s Jeff Preval reiterating the grain elevator is “beyond repair,” and they plan on moving forward with demolition.

“The Great Northern Elevator constitutes a safety hazard and is beyond repair, a reality that has been clear to us, the City of Buffalo, and a court in its rulings upholding the city’s demolition permit.  As a result of these rulings, the City’s Emergency Demolition Order is in full effect, and we are continuing to move forward with safely dismantling the facility. Our priority right now is mitigating the safety concerns. We don’t have further details to share at this time.”

Jackie Anderson, Media Relations, ADM

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