Greater Niagara Fishing and Outdoor Expo brings thousands to Niagara Falls


NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) —During the winter months unless you’re ice fishing, a lot of fishermen are dreaming of the days the fish are ready to be caught. This weekend, thousands are traveling to The Conference and Event Center of Niagara Falls to get prepared.

One fisherman told News 4,”Gone are the days of the little red and white bobber and a hunk of worm.”

Although it can be as simple as hook, line and sinker, fishermen at the Niagara Convention Center have lots of gadgets to help them get the best catch.

Ryan Koepke, a fisherman from Michigan, had a unique way of sharing what he says people who like to fish experience. He says, “Fishermen suffer from a disorder called OSS. Ooooh shiny stuff! We just have to come touch everything and say oohh that’s so cute!”

And in its 4th year The Greater Niagara Fishing and Outdoor Expo offers up 150 vendors with everything for sale from boats, to jewelry. But if you don’t like to shop there is plenty else to do.

Bill Hilts Jr, Director of Outdoor Promotions shared, “The focus is on education. There are over 130 seminars given by 70 different speakers. So every 2 hours there is a round of seminars.”

Hillts said that having the right education is as important as having the right gear to catch with.

He explained, “The more you learn about the resources that we have here and how to catch the fish for instance, you’re going to have a better time, so you’re going to go fishing more, and you’re going to get more people involved in the sport.”

And the Great Lakes is a great place to get your feet wet if you’re just starting out.

Hilts told News 4,”There is a wide variety of fish species and that’s one of the best things about the waters of Western New York. The diversity.”

If you missed today, no worries. Tomorrow there is another full day of events ahead. Plus there are a lot of people expected to turn out.

He said, “We have a huge collection of fishermen just in WNY. Within a 21/2-3 hour drive I think there’s something like 500,000 fishermen.”

Out of the bunch about 10,000 are expected to show up to further their education and add to their tackle box. So keep your lines tight and your bait fresh and get ready for fishing season.

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