NIAGARA FALLS, NY (WIVB) — There is a break in an unsolved murder case from nearly four years ago. News 4 has learned exclusively that a man who’s been in a South Carolina prison for nearly a year will be charged in the murder of Terri Lynn Bills on Tuesday.

It was June of 2015, in a vacant house on Willow Avenue in Niagara Falls where the gruesome discovery was made. Only the torso of 46 year old Terri Lynn Bills was found, missing her head, arms and feet.

Nearly four years have passed without any break in that case until now. News Four has learned that this man, 36-year-old Yasin Abdus Sabur is expected to be charged with second-degree murder in the case of Terri Lynn Bills.

He has been in a South Carolina prison for almost a year on a conviction of domestic violence and child neglect. He was scheduled to be released ten days from now, but this morning he was taken out of Kirkland Correctional Institution in South Carolina and into the custody of Niagara County law enforcers who have a detainer on him for murder in the second degree.

Two years ago, Abdus Sabur was living in Gasport when he was charged with menacing and criminal mischief for damaging property in a Lockport health clinic.

At the time Terri Bills was murdered in 2015, there was strong speculation that whoever killed her also killed Loretta Gates, who happened to be the niece of Terri Bills through marriage. Gates’ body was also found dismembered on Duck Island in the Niagara River three years earlier in 2012.

But we have no indication today that those two cases are connected. The indications today are that Abdus Sabur has been released from South Carolina into the custody of the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office on a detainer only for the murder of Terri Bills.

Niagara County Courthouse records confirm that Abdus Sabur is scheduled to arraigned on Tuesday, March 3 in front of State Supreme Court Justice Sara Sheldon on a charge of Murder in the 2nd degree.