Gym-goers, local shoppers weight-in on the renewed face mask mandate in Erie County


Erie County’s renewed face mask mandate came as a surprise to Catalyst Fitness owner Amy Bueme and some of her members Tuesday.

“We still have our filters, we’re still cleaning. We didn’t miss a beat” said Bueme. “If we didn’t miss a beat as a company and my members didn’t miss a beat, then why are we being punished?”

“It’s definitely frustrating,” said Kathryn O’Malley gym member. “I really liked not having to wear one at the gym, obviously, it’s not fun when you’re sweating under here. For me, anything that will make this pandemic end any sooner, I’ll do it.”

It’s not just gym-goers who begrudgingly putting their masks back on, but local shoppers as well.

“I think it’s safe,” said Sharon Gerbracht of Kenmore. “People should have been doing it in the first place and we wouldn’t have to do it again.”

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