ALBANY, N.Y. (WIVB) — The state is keeping gyms closed and now the owners of these businesses are considering a class-action lawsuit against the governor.

Erica Dix is one of the owners of Anytime Fitness in Jamestown.She says the governor is treating gyms unfairly compared to other businesses.

“It’s like he has his own personal agenda. Because some of the things he’s saying that gym owners have to do no other businesses had to do, including Walmart and Wegmans and Home Depot that have been open this entire time. His excuse right now is those air conditioning units, all those stores have air conditioning and there hasn’t been any issue whatsoever.”

The governor’s office has not given any time table about when gyms can re-open.

An administration spokesperson, Jack Sterne, released a statement on Tuesday morning:

“New Yorkers sacrificed for months to bend the curve of this deadly virus, and thanks to our data-driven, phased reopening we are restarting our economy while maintaining this progress. While we can not comment on a lawsuit that has not even been filed yet, every decision we make is based on data and expert analysis, and we are continuing to study how and when indoor gyms and fitness centers can open safely. New Yorkers need to remember we are still living in a global pandemic — and as states around the country are showing, acting recklessly will only lead to a slower reopening for everyone while putting more of our neighbors in harms way.”

Jack Sterne


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