Ham radio operators have a field day


After broadcasting for 24 hours, annual radio field day came to a close on Sunday afternoon.

Amateur radio communities across the country, including groups in Western New York, came together to make as much contact with the U.S., Canada, and Mexico as possible in a single day.

We stopped by the Lancaster Amateur Radio Club on Sunday.

They had already made contact with the entire East Coast, West Coast states as far as Washington, and several provinces in Canada.

“There is more licensed amateurs today then there have ever been,” says event organizer Steven Piotrowski. “People in the United States have realized there is more of a use for this. It has a lot of utility to it. it has a practical function to it. It is a way to stay in contact with your relatives. It is a way to stay in touch with your community and it is a valuable hobby for more than just relaxation and enjoyment. You can actually provide a public service”

According to the FCC, there are currently more than 820,000 amateur radio operators in the United States. 

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