Hamburg’s Ice Arena expansion plans could be impacted by possible loss of funding in Cuomo’s budget


The Hamburg Town Arena was built back in 1974 and some residents feel as though .. “It’s looking a little shabby, but we really enjoy it,” said Susan Hoak.

“I think that if we upgraded the ice, I think I would have a harder time keeping up with my wife here. She’s a rocket out there,” Thomas Hoak said.

“It would be nice if all the heaters worked,” said Kevin Vanremmen who was there with his grandson Welles. “Because when my other grandson is here about a third of them work, maybe two thirds and we all just freeze our butts off.”

In fact, Town Supervisor Jim Shaw hopes to be able to do more than just give the facility a face left.

“The difficulties are the showers, the changing areas, infrastructure is old,” Shaw said. “Demographics have changed in 46 years, since the place was built. Today, we have a lot of kids involved in soccer and lacrosse is a big time sport. So, we’re thinking about getting an architectural design to expand the building and create, if possible, an indoor turf facility.”

But, it all depends on how much they can afford.

The town stands to lose about $860 thousand dollars in Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed budget. Cuomo’s cutting the video lottery terminal revenue.

“Losing that video lottery terminal money makes it much more difficult to answer the question, or deal with the challenge of making a payback on long term indebtedness,” he said.

The town has been actively advocating against the loss of these funds. The town is circulating a petition that speaks out against the loss of funding.

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